Breastfeeding Bullies...

Friday 21 September 2007

 I truly love my darling daughter I would do anything for her, but I truly hate being in this awful place we call a NHS postnatal ward, it is hell on earth.

I am now lying in an even more uncomfortable bed, sweat gushing from every orifice, with a  rather unattractive Primark nighty stuck to me, desperately trying to feed my starving daughter who is screaming while I am breaking my heart crying, praying that someone, anyone will come to my aid and HELP ME! 

You are bullied into breastfeeding at all costs but  just when you need the breastfeeding bullies help and support more than ever you are dumped and left to get on with it, and what they fail to mention to you at all these breastfeeding chit, chats is that it is the hardest, sorest thing you will ever do (sorer than giving birth, I kid you not!).

After 13 hours Eva had only fed for 30 minutes, I was so upset, why couldn't I feed my baby,why wasn't anyone helping me? 

Finally "help" arrived "here's a cup, hand express into it." A CUP! A f***ing cup, what do they think I am daisy the cow? If you have ever tried to hand express 15 hours after giving birth with a screaming child in your arms and boobs so sore and hard they make water melons look cute you will know how soul destroying this task is. After 15 very painful and emotional minutes I had managed to produce, wait for it.............3 ml's of breast milk. But 3mls is better than no ml's so I gave it to my starving daughter in the hope that this would satisfy her long enough for some breast feeding miracle to happen, and something did happen, something huge she  puked it all back up!