Bringing home baby...

Saturday 22 September 2007

If like me you have a maniac driver for a husband, who has constantly shrugged off your warnings about how he had better become a careful driver once your little bundle of joy arrives, take note - they are more scared than you!

On that first drive home from the hospital Martin drove like he was transporting the crown jewels, of course we were carrying something much more precious!

Getting home was such sweet relief, no more horrid NHS bed & pillows. No more disgusting bathroom, and most importantly no one to bother us from starting our family life. No one that is apart from the constant stream of visitors, phone calls & delivery's  that always happen at the most inappropriate times!

Don't get me wrong it is so heart warming when you look around your once pristine home to see all your loved ones mesmerized by your beautiful off spring, but it does get a bit overwhelming. I remember my first full day home, I had woke in the morning with what I   can only describe as a "spring in my step"! So I decided it would be a great idea to clean the entire house from top to bottom ( I had not slept in 4 days, was still desperately trying to breast feed and had more stitched holding my privates together than I care to remember!) But never the less I did it, one piece of advice lady's DON'T DO IT! Please learn from my stupid mistake, after I had finished the visitors starting arriving, the midwife arrived, Eva wanted a feed I needed a shower, my breasts needed to be cut off. I just stood at the top of my stairs tears rolling down my cheeks "Its all to much" and it was, lesson learnt!?