Let's clarify...

Sunday 23 September 2007

I have been meaning to write about this for a while, but kept getting caught up in the moment, with my other posts.

I just wanted to clarify what my definition of                             Yummy Mummy-ness is - I am not one of those skinny, self obsessed, rich chicks who puts herself and her appearance before her babies needs.

 I am a Yummy Mummy who's soul purpose in life is keep my daring daughter safe and happy, & try to be as appealing a wife to my husband as is realistically achievable!

That said I can see how easily you could get swept along with the Yummy Mummy "it crowed" with their Prada handbags & manicured nails. I am not saying that once you become a Mummy you have to let go and give up, you must of course do whatever makes you feel good, but how much pressure must these woman put themselves under to fit in to size zero jeans minutes after giving birth? Is it even worth it, you have just had a baby -


Okay rant over, please let me know your views on this subject, post a comment and let's see what you think a Yummy Mummy really is!

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