Make friends, make friends...

Monday 24 September 2007

So you've had a baby, the world and there dog has been, seen and cuddled them all within 2 weeks of their birthday, you are still riding the emotional roller coaster of postnatal motherhood, and you suddenly look around to find you are all alone with this precious little stranger and the buck stops at you.

Terrified, bewildered, scared and abandoned all spring to mind when I think back to those first few weeks after the novelty of my new arrival had worn off for everyone, everyone that is except  for me and my hubby (who was now back to his old life, working!)

What was I going to do all day, every day with no one to share my excitement of  Eva's every move, or my paranoia of yet another weird rash? A ray of light came in the morning post -

 "You are invited to attend the 1st time mums group" Yippee!

The night before the first meeting I was like a wee girl before your fist day of school, what where we going to wear, what if no one liked us, what if I don't click with anyone?

I need not have worried, I was greeted with a room full of other Yummy Mummy's, probably all thinking the same things as me, each of us proudly showing off our little princes and princesses and all looking for the same thing  - a friend.

The 6 weekly meeting's flew by and now I am happy to report that on a Monday lunchtime I am now a very proud Yummy Mummy that lunches with other Yummy Mummies in our local coffee shop, we share stories and tips and get to know one another.

As for  our princes and princess, well they have made some friends too, and who knows maybe even the possibility of future romances!! 


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