Eva euphoria...

Friday 21 September 2007

 I am lying in a very uncomfortable hospital bed, to scared to move incase one of my many stitched burst or something and lying  all wrapped up in my arms is the most beautiful thing I have every laid eyes on.


 I keep looking at her, stroking her lovely wee face, just to make sure she is real and not some vivid dream.

 I love her so much it hurts, I have only had her for a couple of hours but if I even so much as start to think about my life without her I want to start crying.

For as long as I live my soul purpose in life is to keep this amazing human being safe and happy, any way I can. Every book you read, everyone you speak to before you have your baby goes on and on about how you will be hit with this overwhelming feeling of love for you child, but until it is actually your time you can't  even begin to imagine what they mean. You are instantly transformed into this fearsomely protective Mummy, it truly is overwhelming and it grows. Every day since Eva was born I find myself loving her more and more I think I might burst with pride just from looking at her.

Is it any wonder that we call her"Eva the diva!"