If at first you don't succeed...

Sunday 23 September 2007

The days and weeks that followed Eva's home coming where full of ups and downs. I have to say that no amount of research before you baby arrives really prepares you for just how much of an individual they are! What might work for one baby does not always work for the other, so everything is trial and error (there will be may, may errors until you hit the jackpot!).

One of the most major lows that occurred was deciding to stop breastfeeding. I was racked with guilt and sadness, but it just wasn't working. Eva was starving, my boobs where huge with the added disadvantage of having very flat nipples, and I got mastitis. The agony I went through is still so vivid today my nipples are hardening just at the thought!

It is at this point that I must mention my ( I have to be real nice here as he is a devoted fan of my blog & me, so "hi darling"  here's a kiss incase I forget to give you a real one today X!) He was so supportive of me, especially during those agonizing 2 am feeds when my toes were curled in pain, I dreaded every feed and counted the minutes till the next, wishing Eva would not wake. It must be a truly awful thing for a man to watch, a bit like labor I suppose as there is nothing they can really do other than give you emotional support.

In the end we decided to bottle feed Eva, it broke my heart but looking back now I know it was the right decision. She is thriving and has shot from a 9lb birth weight to her most recent weight in of 15lb 7 oz.

 Not bad for a 13 week old princess!